Holly's Homemade
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“What a Fun Night Cooking!”

This was my first time at Hollys Homemade cooking class.  The cooking instructions were excellent, the menu delicious, and we learned many new techniques with gadgets I don’t own-YET! I would highly recommend taking her classes. The intimate warm atmosphere made it easy to meet new friends. It felt like a dinner with old friends.

/  Rae Drake  /


“A Wonderful Time!”

We had a wonderful time with friends, learned new recipes, dined, and had an overall fabulous time!  I’d highly recommend taking Holly’s class with friends or trying one if you’d like to meet new people.  Holly is knowledgable and friendly, taking you through all the steps so you feel comfortable making the recipes at home.  Thank you, Holly!”

/  Denise Hutson  /


“Perfect Girl’s Night Out!”

We had such a wonderful time learning the tricks of the trade. What I loved about the class is that you could be as involved as you wanted to be, slicing and dicing, or you could watch and learn. The recipes were definitely things you could cook at home using seasonings you already have. Everything was really well organized and stress-free, and the best part is that we got to sit down and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. It was such a fun evening – can’t wait to do it again!

/ Laurel Payne  /


“Wonderful New Addition For Gainesville”

Holly has catered for me on several occasions and I was thrilled to learn she now offers cooking classes. I recently booked one for a Girls’ Night Out and it was fabulous.  My friends had a great time and are asking when should we can do another one.  Some guests wanted to do hands-on cooking while others wanted to sip wine and socialize.  Holly is fine with whatever level of participation you desire.  The ingredients were fresh and local and the meal was delicious.  I can’t wait to try the chicken dishes at home.  It was a great experience and a wonderful new addition for Gainesville!   

/ Betsy Pepine  /